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A Time for Reflection

The children have been making poppies to adorn the building this week. They have even made purple poppies to decorate Winnie Butter-Jelly’s hutch.

They have been colour sorting, gluing, making collages, mixing paint, splatter painting, using crayons and finding red coloured leaves to make their poppies.

We love the fun sensory tuff tray that the children upstairs have been exploring – a shaving foam and powder paint mix! Dragonflies have loved making their collages and painted poppies.

Kindergarten have been colour sorting and finding red items of loose parts to make poppies. We have been discussing their interests and will look at the poppies and think about how happy they are when they go for a walk, go to the park, draw pictures and play football. One little girl said she enjoyed "watching the fireworks."

We hope you have a beautiful and restful Remembrance Sunday.


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