First Aid Training For Children

We would like to extend our sincere gratitude to Aquarius Training for visiting us this morning. The course was full of fun activities and games aimed at teaching the children basic first aid skills and awareness. The highlights were putting plasters on teddy bears, a first aid kit memory game and learning about the function of the heart. Each child received a certificate and we are really proud of all the children's manners and excellent listening.

Road Safety

Road Safety is a vital life skill to learn. We were fortunate and very grateful to have a real School Crossing Patrol Officer visit to discuss her role. The children were keen to discuss what they already know about keeping safe when crossing a road. We talked about traffic lights and we understand that "red means stop and you can go when it's then the green man again". We have been learning a fun song: "Stop, Look and Listen before you cross the street, use your eyes, use your ears, before you use your feet!"

Campfire Fun

Wilderness Wednesday! Campfire, drawing with charcoal, mud kitchen, stories, camping outside and Hot Dogs for lunch on the lawn. Another fantastic day enjoying Lifeskills in Kindergarten.

It's National Smile Month!

Did you know that it's National Smile Month? The children have been learning about teeth and how to look after them. We have a very friendly crocodile called Mr Smiles to help demonstrate how to brush your teeth correctly. The children also enjoyed stories about the Dentist and the Tooth Fairy.

Reduce, Reuse...RECYCLE!

The children attending Forest School and Kindergarten Life Skills are learning about what it means to Recycle. The children enjoyed a very visual representation of a Landfill and agreed it would be better to Recycle when at all possible. The children then had the task of sorting items into their materials and deciding whether or not they can be recycled in 'The Big Green Recycling Machine'.

Royal Garden Party

St. Michael's celebrated the Royal Wedding in style with a Garden Party fit for a Queen! In fact, we were privileged to welcome Her Majesty to our party even though she must have been rather busy!

Police Officers & Bravo the Dog

Thank you to the Police Officers and Bravo the dog that visited us this morning. Children in the whole nursery enjoyed their visit and the sirens could even be heard from the office! The Police Officers talked about their role and how they are there to help us and keep us safe.

Dragonflies & Kindergarten Meet A Paramedic

A big thank you to our visiting Paramedic from South Western Ambulance Service, who spent the morning with us. The children had a wonderful time looking around the ambulance and even sat in the driver's seat and pushed the blue lights button.

Fire Engine Visits

Red Watch joined us today to show us around the Fire Engine and to talk about the role of Fire Fighters. We had enormous fun climbing into the Fire Engine and we all agreed that the highlight of the morning was squirting water out of the hose. Thank you Red Watch.

Hair Stylist Visits

Today was the first day of our annual Life Skills programme in Kindergarten. In the morning, we had a hair stylist visit to demonstrate what her job is and we encouraged the children to share their own experiences. The children were encouraged to think about their appearance and describe their features. We used the mirror to describe the colour of our eyes, the length of our hair, whether our hair is curly or straight and we noticed and appreciated the differences between us and our friends. We later set up baby baths for the dolls and washed their hair.

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